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Price Tags for Biocoop
Price tag printing in accordance with European regulations on food information labeling for consumers on fresh produce.
Elegant price tags for Singaporean bakeries
An easy and qualitative printing solution for elegant price tags in bakeries.
Breakfast Buffet Display Labels created with Edikio plastic card printers
Food tags for hotel buffets in Norway
Printing of several hundreds of food tags for the buffets of hotels with the all-in-one Price Tag solution
Tapas Bar Buffet Display Labels created with Edikio card printers
Food tags in norwegian ferries
Streamlined management of food tags displayed in the restaurants and coffee shops of several ships with the Primacy plastic card printer.
Disply the prices for Baker's Bread using Edikio price tag solutions
Harmonized labeling system for 10 bakeries
Discover how the ABC Bakery group in Singapore has harmonized the price tags of its bakeries.
Marina Mandarin Singapore Edikio Buffet Display Labels
Food display labels on plastic cards
Display labels for buffet dishes at the Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore.
Harmonized labeling for a fish counter
Custom-designed and EU-compliant price tags on the fish counter of a Super U supermarket in Angers.


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