New paper cards: an alternative for short-term uses

A sustainable alternative to PVC for a variety of applications

The paper card, made from cellulose fibres with no added plastic, completes the Evolis range of consumables. It therefore offers an alternative to PVC cards for certain specific uses in the retail and hotel trades.

Paper cards are ideal for short-term use:

  • event cards (participants in seminars, table placements, etc.)
  • luggage tags,

 or cards for occasional use with little handling:

  • Gift or VIP cards,
  • loyalty cards, etc.


These CR80 standard-dimension cards (0.76 mm thick) are compatible with the following printers:

  • Edikio Flex
  • Edikio Duplex

The paper cards can be printed with the black monochrome ribbon “BlackFlex RCT019NAA” and are available in two packages (Ref. C2501 and C2511).

They are also compatible with the Edikio Price Tag and Edikio Guest accessories.

Low environmental impact

The cards have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label: the paper used comes from forests that are certified as sustainably managed.

At end of life, paper cards are biodegradable and compostable. As paper is recyclable, it can be disposed of in recycling bins.

Using paper cards for specific applications reduces the contribution to global warming, reduces the contribution to water pollution and reduces the potential exhaustion of non-renewable fossil resources," says

Sonia Chauvet, Product Manager at Evolis.

For pricing information, please contact your Evolis Sales Rep.


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