New Edikio Price Tag software: an even easier way to create your price tags

With the new Edikio Price Tag software, creating your price tags is quicker and easier than ever.

Edikio Price Tag Software is a critical part of Edikio Price Tag solutions which also include a card printer and consumables for products labeling. Together, they allow you to personalize, manage and print your own price tags directly at your point of sale.

Intuitive software for retailers

The new software offers you a wide range of features and powerful tools to manage all the details of price tag design and creation.

Redesigned to meet all your retail price tag creation needs, the new Edikio Price Tag software now benefits from a simplified user interface and new functionality to be even quicker and easier to use:

Simplified Interface

  • New All-In-One view gives access to your card design and your list of items at a glance. The database information is displayed at the bottom of your screen and any changes to this database are applied in real time to your tag.
  • Categories are available to manage your products
  • An unprinted visual mark is added on your card design to indicate the location of the tag holder your price tag.

Simplified Actions

  • All-in-one installation of the Edikio Price Tag software and the Edikio printer driver.
  • 1-step creation wizard, to guide you during the creation of your first price tags with a selection of card type and the design model
  • Backup & restore, to save your data at regular intervals and restore as necessary

Simplified Tools

  • Search toolbar highlights search results and allows you to jump to the category to edit record details.
  • New price tool with a large selection of formats and currencies.
  • Graphical wizard to import your data from Excel, CSV and TXT files.
  • Automatic refresh from an external database.

Richer and more customizable content

Whether you are a butcher, a baker or a cheesemonger, Edikio Price Tag software comes with rich content dedicated to your activity:

  • A sample database list of products
  • A library of 200 card templates
  • More than 400 images

3 solutions to suit any retailers’ needs

Edikio Price Tag offers you 3 complete solutions for creating and printing professional price tags quickly, efficiently, and economically with 3 software editions. Choose the label solution that's right for your needs:


Edikio Price Tag Access

The most affordable all-in-one solution for creating and printing monochrome price Tags.

Includes Edikio Price Tag Software
Lite Edition


Edikio Price Tag Flex

The flexible all-in-one solution for creating and printing price tags in various formats.

Includes Edikio Price Tag Software
Standard Edition


Edikio Price Tag Duplex

The advanced all-in-one solution for creating and printing double-sided price tags.

Includes Edikio Price Tag Software
Pro Edition

You already have an Edikio Price Tag solution?

You can now update your Edikio Price Tag software with its new version to make the most of all the features offered by your all-in-one solution. A quick guide is available here to help you in this process.

The new Edikio Price Tag software is free and compatible with the databases and price tags you already created!



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