How to Choose the Most Powerful Promotional Messages for Your Supermarket Price Tags and POPS

Have you ever wondered which promotional messages are the most powerful when it comes to influencing shoppers?Yo u’re probably already aware that price tags and POPs are priceless when it comes to catching the eye of your supermarket customers and motivating them to make certain purchases. However, it can be difficult deciding on the right messages to include for your specific products and shop arrangements to have the right effect.

In this article, we cover how you can plan the best price card displays based on essential factors like product type and store branding, to clearly communicate your products' value and beat your competitors when it comes to achieving substantial foot traffic and sales.

Best Practices for Creating Promotional Messages that Lead to Sales!

Base Your Promotional Messages on a Clear Target Audience

Always think about your audience when you’re crafting your supermarket price tag promotional messages.

The only way you’re going to connect with your customers through your visual merchandising and promotional messages is if you properly understand your customer base. Who are they? What do they like to buy? What motivates their purchases?

Answering these questions is a good place to start when you’re thinking about optimizing any of your shop’s displays or messaging. The needs of different people naturally vary and if you are able to clearly identify your target market’s concerns or desires, you can use your promotional messages to build stronger connections with them.

If you’re not willing to embark on any extensive market research activities, don’t worry. Simply build some standard personas for the type of people that visit your store. Are you servicing students? Housewives? Or working professionals who are popping in on their way home from the office?

You can then use promotional messages that directly target specific groups, highlighting key product attributes like quality, value or versatility — depending on what your audience is looking for.

Differentiate Your Store and Brand from Competitors

The best way to beat competitors is to highlight the unique features your store and product’s have that can’t be found elsewhere.

Even if you’re selling general supermarket products, you can still find a way to highlight benefits in a unique way that matches your store’s branding. For instance, if you are a premium supermarket that guarantees quality over anything else, make sure this is factored into your price card and POP strategy rather than just focusing on low costs and value, like your competitors will probably be doing.

The best supermarket visual merchandising strategies draw from the shop’s core brand and strength’s to lend their products some added appeal.

Depending on your store, the specific messages, colors and styles used will all have a specific effect based on your store’s context, brand and environment.

3 Steps for Writing the Most Effective Supermarket Price Tags


Step 1: Create a List of Your Product’s Most Important Features

Once you have identified who your target market is, the first thing you should do is spend some time figuring out which messages will be the most effective. To help you do this, we’ve listed some important questions you should answer to help you highlight each of your products’ most important features and frame your promotional messaging.

  1. What makes the product different from other products?
  2. What benefits does the product offer to customers?
  3. Why would you recommend the product?
  4. Is there a special story behind the product (place of origin/producer)?

These kinds of questions will help you to create a system for extracting the kind of information you can highlight to customers.  

Step 2: Prioritize Your List of Key Features

Next, filter through your answers (from above) and try to assign different priorities based on what you know about your customers and the products you are trying to sell. Certain features will obviously be more valuable and worth highlighting than others. For instance, you’ll want to highlight a bottle of wine’s impressive vintage rather than its price — it all comes down to matching each product with your customer’s desires and buying preferences.

Step 3: Create a Layout that Communicates the Most Important Features of Your Product Effectively

Once you have everything you need to entice shoppers, the last thing you need to do is combine it all within a clear and engaging layout. As well as the core features you have highlighted in the previous two steps, carefully place your product’s name and price in your layout, as well as any relevant allergy symbols, to create an overall appealing marketing aid that will help bring attention to specific items in your store.

As we’ve covered in previous articles, if you want to place more importance on certain aspects or items, you can employ some simple tactics to emphasise them, such as making the card size larger than normal or playing with the price card design to tap into seasonal themes. Check out our best supermarket price tag and POP solutions

Leverage Effective Promotional Messages and Designs to Make Your Supermarket Price Tags More Powerful


Create High Quality and Consistent Price Tags to Emphasise Your Promotional Messages

Our last piece of advice is to find a reliable way to control the way your price cards and POPs look — making sure your promotional messages are always clear, consistent, and impactful within your overall display scheme.

It’s all well and good planning the perfect price card messages for your products (including everything from your product features, price, and allergy symbols), but if you don’t have a way of implementing this in real life, your efforts are wasted.

As a simple solution to this issue, we recommend investing in a supermarket price tag and POP printer to give you greater autonomy over how your designs come out. These printers are specially designed to give you access to different layout options, sizes, fonts, and materials that will best represent your products and store.

Finally, when you’re creating your price cards, remember that it’s increasingly important to build personal connections with your customers. While competition from online shopping remains strong, the biggest advantage of physical shops is you have a better chance of actually creating direct and emotional connections with shoppers. And one way to do this is by putting real thought and care into how you create your price cards, including using handwritten fonts and unique targeted messages for your customers.


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